Free Home Composting Workshop

9/16/2017 - 9/16/2017
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Delta Community Presbyterian Church
1900 Willow Lake Road,
Discovery Bay

A FREE Home Composting Workshop will be offered at the Delta Community Presbyterian Church on Saturday, September 16, 2017, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Practically anyone can learn to compost or improve their existing compost techniques by following some basic steps taught in the Workshop. The Workshop also touches on worm composting (Vermicomposting) as a means of turning kitchen scraps into a compost of exceptional quality. Free instructional materials on home composting will be provided to attendees.

The instructor, Todd Sutton, an expert with more than 25 years in the environmental field, has appeared on national television including Discovery and History channels, and has educated thousands on waste prevention, reuse, recycling, and composting.

Good Reason to Attend
Food waste disposal is a national problem. Food waste is the largest discarded material category in the U.S. accounting for 14.1 percent of the municipal waste stream at 34.3 million tons per year. Food waste sent to a landfill is buried and decomposes in the absence of oxygen which produces methane, a significant greenhouse gas. In terms of greenhouse gases, methane is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Composting your yard trimmings and food scraps is easy, adds nutrients to your yard and garden, kind to our environment and good for you too! Save money, save water, and conserve natural resources. If done correctly, a compost pile can produce finished compost within three months which can be used as a soil booster.

All Contra Costa County residents are welcome. Reservations should be made by calling 925-674-7831 or To learn more about composting or recycling, just go to

(925) 674-7831
Free Home Composting Workshop

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