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Thursday, March 19th

I Choose To Look At The Brighter Side

The last few days have been hectic for me (because of this virus shutdown) I've been trying to do too much. I realized today that I need to slow down. Try and get back into my normal routine. Stop trying to get out in front of everything. People need to go at their own pace and for good reasons "it's what works for them." Assess how effective you are and either speed up or slow down. Find your groove and get more done with less effort.

The RIB BUNDLE from Lone Tree Golf sounds like a winner. I've added some more links to help you find more businesses that are open and happy to serve you, from the curb. Thank you, Frank MacCallister

Click Here to See Menu Favorites Available For Pickup!

- Also -

Family Rib Bundle $55

(Check out the size of our racks!)

Two of Chef Jose famous

Racks of Ribs (each rack 12-14 ribs)

Baked Beans

Potato Salad

Cole Slaw

Hawaiian Rolls


Feeds a Family of 4!

Available for lunch & dinner Pick-Up between 11 - 7 PM.

- Also -

Also available for pickup for the first time ever!

Buy by the Quart for $12.95!!
Just add Vodka (not included)

Lone Tree Golf & Event Center

4800 Golf Course Road, Antioch

(925) 706-4220 x 4


Caps Dinner Menu Available For Pickup!

Available 11 AM - 8:00 PM.

Look at the menu. Call in an order if you can.

Cap's Restaurant

144 Oak St., Brentwood

(925) 634-1025


Two Enchiladas $13.95

Combinations are served with rice and beans. All chicken combinations are served with sour cream. You can choose between ground beef, picadillo, chicken or cheese.

Available 11 AM - 7:00 PM.

Look at the menu. Call in an order if you can.

Celia's Mexican Restaurant

523 W. 10th St., Antioch

(925) 754-1355


Businesses Open

Check out the list of open businesses on these sites.

Antioch Herald List


1., Antioch.
2., Brentwood
3., Brentwood

4. Hillcrest Taphouse, Antioch

5. Restaurant Fiore, Concord

6. Luna Restaurant, Concord

7. Ricks on Second, Antioch

8. Rivertown Sweets, Antioch

9. Bridgehead Cafe, Antioch

10. Mac's Old House, Antioch

11. Straw Hat, Brentwood



Friday, Mar 20th

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