Pittsburg Car & Music Show

7/25/2019 - 9/5/2019
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
John Buckley Square
525 Railroad Ave.,

Rules of the Road All cars must stay until the show is over, at 8 pm. The front gate, Railroad Avenue & 6th Street, will close at 6 pm. Cars arriving after 6 pm will be directed to 3rd or 4th streets. Please refrain from gunning your motor at all times. All streets will re-0pen to car traffic at 8:30 pm. Pedestrians should be aware and use the sidewalk after this time. Best of Show will be announced and presented during the band intermission. Raffle ticket winners will be posted in the City of Pittsburg booth at 7:30 pm.

Dates: Car Club, Bands

July 25:     Sindicates, Special Request

August 8:       Untouchables, GroWiser Band

August 22:      Luxurious, Chocolate Rice

September 5:  Asphalt Outlaws, Project 4 Band

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Pittsburg Car & Music Show

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