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Looking For New Customers in Contra Costa?

Understand who your target audience is. Tailor your marketing efforts to their needs. Our website viewers and newsletter subscribers crave fun. They like Music Concerts, Beer & Wine Festivals, Art, Car, and Comedy Shows, and visiting Restaurants. If you identify with these people and want them as new customers let's work together to create an event they don't want to miss and make them an offer they can't refuse.

The work we produce should be integrated into your website, social media, event and email marketing. 



Pay Only For What You Need

1 Time Rate (5k mailed/3k opens/.0263ea*)  $79

2 Time Rate (10k mailed/6k opens/.0215ea*) $129

3 Time Rate (15k mailed/9k opens/.0198ea*) $179

4 Time Rate (20k mailed/12k opens/.0182ea*) $219

Everything is included; Advertising advice, Layout & Design, Accounting

Shop & compare these rates against anything. Shared coupon mailing programs? They start at .04 apiece with no open rate guarantees.  Radio & TV? How do you measure that? A very complicated formula will give you a guestimate of viewership. You can quantify online advertising, but the numbers aren't good if no one sees your site. You can't even print flyers, distribute them yourself, and beat our prices.

* This is what you pay for each potential customer to see your ad!

Where Will I See My Ad?


Also, your ad appears for a week on the homepage FREE!

Why is that important? Our website viewers are actively looking for fun things to do. Top performing pages for April include Beer Festivals, Restaurant Music Events, Comedy Shows, Kid's Events, Car Shows, Best Happy Hours, County Fair, Music Concerts, Art & Wine Festivals, and Coupons/Offers. They have the opportunity to see your ad FREE!


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The cost is less than a .01 per viewer



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Pay Only For What You Need


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Updated April 22, 2023