2018 Antioch Restaurant Tour Review

On Sunday, Oct 21st the Kiwanis Club of the Delta sponsored the Antioch Pride of the Delta Restaurant Tour. For only $15 you could visit and sample food from 12 of Antioch’s restaurants. I joined the fun and took some pictures to share.

These are the local Antioch restaurants that participated.

Celia’s Mexican Restaurant
523 West 10th Street

Little Manuel’s Mexican Food
1509 A Street

Bagel Street Café
2815 Lone Tree Way

River Town Sweets
615 W. 2nd Street

Lone Tree Golf & Event Center
4800 Golf Course Road

4045 Lone Tree Way (Blue Rock)

Skipolini’s Pizza
901 Fitzuren Road

Red Caboose
210 Fulton Shipyard Road

Southern Cafe
400 “G” St.

Freddy B’s BBQ
1803 West 10th St.

Smith’s Landing
1 Marina Plaza

Keep reading for my personal experience on the tour…

The Start of the Antioch Restaurant Tour began at Lone Tree Golf & Event Center. You can start the tour at any one of the eleven participating restaurants but I needed to see Kay Power, one of the Kiwanis Club of the Delta event organizers, to get my ticket.

Lone Tree Golf & Event Center

Once I had my ticket I hit the mini-buffet for some tortellini alfredo, chicken fajitas and bacon wrapped meatballs in a savory sweet glaze. Nice start!

Bagel Street Cafe

Next up Bagel Street Cafe, here Stephanie Tran was serving 1/2 sandwiches and desserts on homemade bread. Very generous indeed.


On to Starbucks where it was time to coffee up and taste their newest dessert offerings. I especially enjoyed the cinnamon topped coffee cake.

Little Manuels Mexican Restaurant

After that, it was Little Manuels Mexican Restaurant, where rice, beans, homemade flour tortillas, and three meat fillings were available so you could make your own burrito. Also, there was a nice array of homemade desserts was available. I couldn’t stay away from the homemade cheesecake LOL.

The Red Caboose

Next stop was the Red Caboose where they offered several homemade soups and a chili. With chips, cheese, onions, and salsa folks were making a nacho plate. 

River Town Sweets

River Town Sweets is a new business and offered each person on the tour two selections. I don’t know if they were watching their investment or testing the market for what desserts Antioch prefers. I thought that was pretty smart. Most people would take some of everything but when you could only eat two you had to choose wisely. Me? I choose the lemon square cookies and a pumpkin spiced cake, very tasty!  

Smith’s Landing

Smith’s Landing was next on the list for me. They were offering Seafood Balls with a “chipotle” dipping sauce. I was a little hesitant to try it fearing a strong fishy taste would ruin the rest of my tour. Not to worry the appetizer tasted like a creamy crabcake, very delicious, very appreciated by everyone I talked to.  

Freddy B’s BBQ

Freddy B’s BBQ was next and these folks were a hoot. They were offering us pork ribs and tri-tip. I wish they would have included a few sides, who eats BBQ without sides of potato, macaroni, cole slaw and or beans?

Celia’s Mexican Restaurant

The last leg of the Antioch Restaurant Tour began at Celia’s Mexican Restaurant which offered a make-your-own-taco-bar and Enchiladas Verdes. I personally want to thank my friends at Celia’s for helping out with this fundraiser again for the 14th year in a row. It’s one of my favorite stops all year. 

Southern Cafe

Southern Cafe was serving fried catfish, dipping sauce, and collard greens. The server was cute as a button and all smiles and was there to please. Thank you.

Skipolini’s Pizza

Last but not least was  Skipolin’s Pizza another regular on this tour. This popular pizza restaurant is another business that makes this Antioch Restaurant Tour fundraiser well worth the $15 ticket price. 


Martha Parsons is a key player in this effort along with Kay Power. We have them and all the others to thank for this. No wonder this is a sell out every year. If you joined the tour, I’d like to hear your toughts and experience. Please comment below and let me know how you enjoyed it. 

4 thoughts on “2018 Antioch Restaurant Tour Review

  1. Thank you Frank for always supporting us, it is much appreciated. I hope everyone had a good time and a special thank you to all of the participating restaurants.
    In Kiwanis Service, Kay Power

  2. My husband and I were hosted by Tom McNell and his wife Allison. We had a great time and enjoyed every taste and tidbit. We particularly loved Freddy’s BBQ. Fantastic flavor. This event was well worth the $15 and I’ll be stopping in these restaurants again to enjoy some great food and fun people.

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