Antioch High vs Pittsburg High 2018 Football

My friend Jeff has a son, Michael, who is the Deer Valley Frosh quarterback. I have been going to the games because I “know” someone on the field and to support my friend.


It’s been a tough season. I haven’t seen them win a game yet. Most of the time they are playing a bigger, faster team and have been getting clobbered.


I’m happy to see the team still hanging together in spite of their dismal record. I’m happy to say both the team and the coach seem to respect and support my friend’s son. Looking at the bright side the team is learning humility and teamwork.


I stuck around for the start of the varsity game between Antioch High and Deer Valley. I was standing on the field when the Antioch team came onto the field through the tunnel. I was amazed at how big these kids are. Have I shrunk or are they just bigger today?


I haven’t been following Antioch High School Football since Najee Harris graduated and went on to Alabama two years ago. But, let me say I was impressed with what I saw before kickoff of the AHS vs DVHS football game. John Lucido, head coach at Antioch, had is various coaches spread out all over the DVHS field and all the kids were working hard on drills to get ready for the game.


I’m sure DVHS does something similar to get ready for games but coach Lucido and his staff has his coaches and his team focused and ready to play before every game. I was surprised to hear Antioch only beat Deer Valley 28-20. They are going to need more scoring this weekend if they want to stay with Pittsburg in the “Big Little Game.” Go Panthers!

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