Wine Women at Vine & Grain in Brentwood

Cassie & Sandra at Vine & Grain in Brentwood

Say “Hello” to Cassie & Sandra of Vine & Grain in Brentwood.

I was walking the STREETS OF BRENTWOOD, waiting for a friend to be fully pampered at a nearby salon when I spotted an inviting outdoor setting that told me “this was someplace I could cool my heels.”

Once inside I saw a very neat and orderly wine bar. I walked right past 100’s of bottles of wine and a few beer taps (brands I didn’t recognize) and chatted up two young women who seemed eager to please. They assured me I came to the right place when I asked if they offered a charcuterie board (artisan cheeses, meats, and accompaniments, snacks to drink wine by).

Sandra, a German wine sommelier in training assured they did and showed me her offerings. I was pleased to see they list several varieties of wine flights including one with bubbles.

I was interrupted with a beep that my friend was ready for pick up. I assured the gals I would be back for more soon.

Open Wednesday – Saturday 1 PM – 11 PM and Sunday’s 1 PM – 7 PM.

Call (925) 240-4456 to see if they are open Monday & Tuesday I’m not sure.

Here’s a website you can look at

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